Our First App for the iOS Platform

BrickArt is a fun photo app that turns your favourite photographs into amazing brick mosaics you can build using Lego bricks!

Support is provided so you can customise the dimensions of your final project. As well as a part listing, full instructions to build your mosaic are generated.





In BrickArt you start with a photo. Maybe capture a selfie from within the app or select a photograph from your photo library. Once you have chosen a photo crop the area which you want to use.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus -


Once BrickArt has analysed your photo it works out what bricks are required to build your mosaic. During the process you have the opportunity to swap bricks for different colours and also to apply different colour palettes to your photo.



The final step in BrickArt is the generation of a PDF that shows what parts are required to build your brick mosaic together with a detailed overview of how to put everything together.